Zurich 3
Appears In Decadence by Design
Factory Yes (Bars only)
Shoppe Yes, Not for Sale
Market Yes
Zurich is the port where the player starts in the third game, Decadence by Design. Alex Fletcher meets the player here, explains her situation, and starts the tutorial, where the player goes around Zurich to complete, similar to the previous games.

Decadence by DesignEdit

  • Niederdorf Chocolates - The local chocolate shoppe in Zurich. Analiese Rausis buys the confections the player sells to her.
  • St. Peterskirche - Here, the player can meet Liridona Gygax who helps the player during the tutorial.
  • Bahnhof - The player meets Alex here in Bahnhof. After she leaves, Anselm Donders can be found here.
  • University of Zurich - Florian Amiel resides here.
  • Zurich Chocolate Works - This is the chocolate factory in Zurich and the first to be used by the player. The factory produces chocolate bars. The factory is run by Endrit Rast.
  • Matterhorn - The famous Swiss mountain is depicted in the background of Zurich. Ursel Hlanek can be found here.
  • Main Street Market - The local market where the player buys his or her ingredients. Verena Zubriggen sells her wares to the player. The ingredients available are (listed by time of appearance): sugar, milk solids, caramel, almonds, lemons, oranges, honey, amaretto, whiskey, cherries, cloves, orange liquor, espresso, and candied rose petals.
  • Swiss National Bank - Based on the real Swiss National Bank. Here, the player can meet Nino Bragger.


  • The Matterhorn's south face is being depicted in the art.
  • The structures of several landmarks depicted in the art is very similar to those in real life such as the Swiss National Bank, the Matterhorn, St. Peterskirche, the University of Zurich, and the Bahnhof (based on the largest train station in Zurich).

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