Appears In 3
Wellington is a port in the third game, Decadence by Design. Like its counterpart in the first two games, Sydney, it houses the last of the factories.

Decadence By DesignEdit

  • New Zealand Confections,Ltd: This is the last factory to be found. Whitney Baumeister work here. She also design it to produce exotics.
  • Britannia Fine Goods: Player can sell their chocolates here to Karalyna Radha.
  • Harbour Market: Rahyn Quinn works here. She sells sugar, milk,cherries,espresso bean, strawberries, whiskey, sea sals, vanilla, raspberries, pumpkin, pistachios, mango, currant, canyenne pepper and butter.
  • Seaside Office: This is where players interacts with many character

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