Truffle Powder is one of the most important ingredients in the game. This ingredient is not available to the player until he or she reaches the rank of Chocolatier in ''Chocolatier'' and ''Secret Ingredients'', and until the player gains his or her first Truffle recipe in ''Decadence by Design''. It is used in all Truffles recipes, and in an Exotics recipe in Secret Ingredients. Truffle Powder has a generally high price range, making Truffles one of the most expensive chocolates in all three games.

Price RangeEdit

In Chocolatier, Truffle Powder is the most expensive ingredients in the game, which contributes to the high price range of Truffles. In Secret Ingredients and Decadence by Design, its price range has been significantly lowered compared to more expensive ingredients, but Truffles still command the highest price range in the game(mostly owing to the use of rare ingredients such as Fijian Pumpkins and Saffron).

Chocolatier: $150~$300

Secret Ingredients: $800~$1,200

Decadence by Design: $300~$1,000

Available PortsEdit

Truffle Powder is available in ports where Cacao Beans are available. It remains hidden until the player is able to manufacture Truffles.

Chocolatier: Merida, Trinidad, Quito, Accra, Mahajanga, Colombo, Sulawesi.

Secret Ingredients: San Jose, Cayenne, Abidjan, Mahajanga, Manila, Jakarta.

Decadence by Design: Douala, Kona, Havana, Bali, Bogota, Lima.

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