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Tokyo is a port in Chocolatier: Decadence by Design. The player is sent here to talk to Deiter Baumeister, one of the members of the Board of Directors.

Decadence by DesignEdit

Tokyo is much like the other East Asia ports in the other games. It contains the fifth factory in the game (like Hong Kong in Chocolatier and Shanghai in Secret Ingredients), which is presented to produce truffles (also the fifth confection type in the second and third games, and the last one out of four in the first game)

Imperial PalaceEdit

Kenji Watanabe can be found at this location. Kenji gives the player access to Bogota.

Nakamitsu Fine Coffees and SweetsEdit

The local confection shop in Tokyo. Yoshi Kawai buys the confections the player sells to him.

Honmei IndustriesEdit

The factory here in Tokyo. It specializes in Infusions. Deiter Baumeister, one of the members of the Board of Directors, runs the place.

Mount FujiEdit

Thomas Hardy can be found at this location.

Meiji ShrineEdit

Is a location in Tokyo where the player can meet various characters in the game.

Tokyo TowerEdit

Asaka Yomura can be found at this location.

Nakamise MarketEdit

The local market in Tokyo. Reiko Tsuneda sells her wares to the player. The ingredients available are (in alphabetical order): cherries, cloves, ginger, lemon, milk solids, mint, oranges, pumpkins, sea salt, sugar, tea, and wasabi.

Tokyo StationEdit

Daisuke Sato can be found at this location. He gives the player the recipe for Vanilla Cinnamon Infusions.

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