Teddy Baumeister
Teddy baumeister 3
Gender Male
First Appearance Secret Ingredients
Last Appearance Decadence by Design
Parents Deiter Baumeister and
Sarah Hoffenpepper
Sibling(s) Whitney Baumeister
Grandparents Hieronymus Baumeister
Aunts and Uncles Evangeline Baumeister

Teddy Baumeister is family member of the Baumeister family, who founded Baumeister Confessions. Teddy Baumeister doesn't run a factory, or own a cacao plant. Instead he runs the research facility the player can use.

Chocolatier 2: Secret IngredientsEdit

Teddy runs a research facility in Buenos Aires. The player has to buy the lab (for 150,000 dollars) in order to use it for the development of chocolate recipes.

Chocolatier: Decadence by DesignEdit

Teddy has moved to Reykjavik. Once again he runs the research facility here. This time, however, the player doesn't have to buy the lab. Once the player is sent to Reykjavik , the player can freely use the lab anytime he wishes to. Here, Teddy also makes remarks on the various tastes and marketability of the player's own recipes/creations.


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