San Francisco
San Francisco
San Francisco 3
Appears In Chocolatier
Secret Ingredients
Decadence by Design
Factory Yes (Truffles only in third game)
Shoppe Yes, Not for Sale
Market Yes

San Francisco is a port accessible in all three Chocolatier Games. The player starts here in the first two games, but starts in Zurich in the Decadence by Design. San Francisco is also where Baumeister Confections is based..


San Francisco is the starting point of the game. Here, Evangeline Baumeister, will introduce the player to the game. San Fransisco holds the following locations:

  • Brickhouse Square - The first factory available to the player. Harold Jenkins runs this factory and he teaches the player how to make chocolate.
  • The Ferry Market - The market where the player can buy ingredients from Patricia Knowles. Available ingredients are: sugar, milk solids, and almonds.
  • The Cliff Chalet - This is where Evangeline Baumeister lives. Occasionally, she might have an assignment for the player.
  • San Francisco Chocolates shop - This is where Walinda McMurtry can buy the player's products.
  • Barbary Coast Saloon - which is where the player can hear news from a variety of characters, and occasionally gamble with dice.

Even though the player will eventually travel the entire globe, San Fransisco remains an important location, as the first factory is located here. Further more, Evangeline still lives here. Occasionally she might ask the player to meet her at her house, the Cliff Chalet.

Chocolatier 2: Secret IngredientsEdit

Once again, San Fransisco is the starting point for the game. Here, Evangeline's granddaughter,Alexandra Tangye will introduce the player to the game. San Fransisco includes several buildings:

  • Baumeister Confections H.Q - This is the main office of the company. Here, Alexandra will occasionally meet you, until her father, Joseph Tangye, shows up. From then on, Joseph just scolds the player every time H.Q. is visited until before the end of the game.
  • Brickhouse Square - This is the factory, where Ilya Bajanov will teach the player how to make chocolates. He also runs the factory, while the player is away.
  • Ferry Market - This is where the player can buy ingredients from Sharon Knowles. The available ingredients are milk, sugar, almonds and raspberries.
  • San Fransisco Chocolates - This is where the player can sell is products to Helen McMurtry.
  • Barbary Coast Hotel - a hotel where several people show up. Occasionally, one might have an assignment for the player, in exchange for a decent amount of money, a new recipe, or access to a new location.

The scene of San Fransisco is a changing one. As the game progresses, the Golden Gate Bridge will be built. When the player has finished the scenario, fireworks will appear above San Fransico, each time the player visits the city.

Chocolatier 3: Decadence by DesignEdit

San Fransisco has lost its status as starting point in the game to Zurich. San Fransisco is still an important city however, as it still holds the fourth factory the player will use and one of the members of Baumeister Confections' board of directors. San Francisco now has the following buildings:

  • Baumeister Confections Building - The main office of Baumeister Confections. Evangeline Baumeister, one of the board members, stays here where the player can contact her.
  • San Fransisco Chocolatiers Makers - The factory in San Francisco for making truffles. Chas Baumeister runs the factory while the player is away.
  • Market Street Market - After all these years, Sharon Knowles still sells her ingredients to the player. Available ingredients now are: milk, sugar, raspberries, almonds, cherries, blueberries, coffee liqueur, espresso beans, mint, and pistachios.
  • Union Square Chocolate - Helen McMurty has moved to this store and she is still willing to buy the products the player makes.
  • The Watering Hole - Here the player can meet several characters, among them is Alison Pepper.
  • Alcatraz - This famous prison is a location to meet people and get assignments.


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