San Francisco 2b

San Francisco in the second game


Pumpkin (called as Fijian Pumpkin in the second game) is a rare ingredient introduced as a secret ingredient in Secret Ingredients.

Appearance in Secret IngredientsEdit

Fijian Pumpkin appears as a secret ingredient only available from Fiji. It is seasonal from September to October, being the second most expensive ingredient when out of season(after Wild Island Berries).

Appearance in Decadence by DesignEdit

Pumpkin has lost its status as a secret ingredient in Decadence by Design, and it is now available from several ports, including Tokyo and Bogota.

Price RangeEdit

Secret Ingredients: $2,000~$20,000

Decadence by Design: $200~$1,000


Secret Ingredients: Fiji

Decadence by Design: Tokyo, Bogota, Wellington


Secret Ingredients:

-Gingered Pumpkin Pralines

-Blended Cacao Pumpkin Truffles

-Pumpkin Macadamia Clusters

Decadence by Design:

  • Truffles

-Blended Varietal Cacao Pumpkin Truffles

-Pumpkin Pie Latte

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