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Paris is a port in the second game, Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients. The port has the third factory in the game, much like its counterpart in the first game - London.

Secret IngredientsEdit

Paris is a rather important port in the game. First of all, it has one of the six factories, and that it has some rare ingredients, such as French Cognac (only available in the port) and Caramel (only available here until the player reaches Shanghai).

Paris has the following locales:

  • Moulin Rouge - Hernan Velazquez is ocassionaly seen in this location.
  • Notre Dame - Famous cathedral in Paris, Emile Fournier ocassionaly seen in this cathedral.
  • Le Petit Confectionier - Marjolaine Calvados can buy player's products, and as a haggling edge, you can give her roses.
  • Marche Superior - Anqelique Durand sells her ingredients in this market, this market sells: caramel, milk solids, sugar, hazelnuts, french cognac, and bing cherries. Also note that this is the only market that sells french cognac.
  • Fabriquer de Chocolaits - The factory in this port, Kala Janakiraman manages this factory.
  • Eiffel Tower - The ever-famous tower in this city. Yves Laggase can be found here.
  • Cafe de Fleur - Francois Moreau is ocassionaly seen in this location.

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