New York City
Appears In 1 & 2
New York is a port in the first two games, Chocolatier and Secret Ingredients. In both games, New York is the third port to be opened and has a factory for chocolate production.


Brooklyn ConfectionsEdit

The second factory that the player can buy. Stacy Alterna runs the factory while the
File:New York1.png
player is away. Alterna sells the factory for $17,000.

Canal Street Public MarketEdit

The local market in New York. Clarinda Penimar sells the player her wares to the player. The ingredients available here are Mint,Coffee Beans,Milk Solids and Sugar.

New York Public LibraryEdit

Nicholas Schaeffer is found here. Upon the player's promotion to Chocolatier, Evangeline sends the player here to say '"unleash the dog" to Nicholas.

Park Avenue Sweets ShopEdit

The local chocolate shop in New York. Henrietta Monroe owns this chocolate shop.

New World SpiritsEdit

A place where the player can meet several characters in the game. Ole Salty Dog, an acquaintance of Evangeline, can occasionally be found here.

Secret IngredientsEdit

New York 2

New York in Secret ingredients

Broadway ConfectionsEdit

The second factory in the game. Trevor Bonfilio runs this factory. The factory is worth $85,000

Bowery MarketEdit

Clarinda Penimar still sells her wares. The ingredients sold here are Mint, Milk Solids, Sugar, Cashews, and Pecans.

Park Avenue Sweets ShopEdit

Loudon Trilling owns this shop.

New York Public LibraryEdit

Nicholas Schaeffer can still be found here, with multiple recipes in his possession.

The Blind PigEdit

A casino establishment in New York. The player must reach the rank of Master Chocolatier to enter. Junior Mcguire is usually found here.

The Village PubEdit

A locale in New York where the player can meet several characters. Mickey Unger is usually found here. He gives the player the recipe for Chocolate Squares with Pecans.

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