Abidjan :

Attecoube plantation- Genevieve Diabate

Plateau market- Angele Assamoua

Bombay :

Colaba Hotel Chocolate shop- Sivaraman Tilak

Mahatma Market- Asha Patel

Buenos aires :

Abasto market- Veronica Garcia

Chocolate Tasting Laboratory- Teddy Baumeister

Julio's Chocolates- Julio Solidad

Cairo :

Citadel- Corazon Reyes

Giza Pyramids/Sphinx- Mustafa Helal

Khain el-Khalil Market- Nadav Charobim

Muiz Street shop- Cyrus Rush

Casablanca :

Anfa market- Shani Naipaul

Maghreb Chocolates- Felix Baumeister

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