Jarrah Tangye
Jarrah tangye 2
Gender Male
First Appearance Chocolatier
Last Appearance Secret Ingredients
Spouse(s) Evangeline Baumeister
Children Joseph Tangye
Grandchildren Alex Fletcher
Zachariah Tangye
Loudon Tangye
Nieces and Nephews Chas Baumeister
Whitney Baumeister
Teddy Baumeister

Yes, I was in love with Evangeline Baumeister. Still am, I guess, in many ways...

Jarrah Tangye, on his love for Evangeline

Jarrah Tangye is the husband of Evangeline Baumeister, the father of Joseph Tangye and the grandfather of Alex Tangye. In the first game, he is only a lover of Evangeline, but is separated by the squabbles within the Baumeister family.


Jarrah Tangye is located in Victoria Peak, in Hong Kong.

Chocolatier 2 : Secret IngredientsEdit

In the second game, Jarrah Tangye relocated to Cayene with his wife Evangeline. He resides in Maroni Farms and is selling Cayenne Cacao to the player.


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