Appears In 2
Jakarta is a location in the second game, Secret Ingredients. It opens at the same time as Manila and Shanghai.

Secret IngredientsEdit

Jakarta becomes a more important port as Alex was sent here after her father found out about her plans to bring back baumiester confections her way. Also, a local cacao is available for purchase on here.

  • Batavia Plantation - This is where the player can buy the special cacao, Indonesian Cacao, from Santoso Devi.
  • Mount Merapi - This place is where Alex Tangye was sent after her father found out about her plans.
  • Sunda Kepala Harbour Market - Merpati Pembayun is a seller on this market. The market sells Sugar, Cacao, Cinnamon, Macadamias, Coconut Shavings, and Truffle Powder. Also, Jakarta is the only port where Coconut Shavings are available.
  • Tida Apa Apa Chocolates - Kersen Chandrawinata can buy player's products in his shoppe. This shoppe will also be available for the player's ownership.


  • The structures of several landmarks depicted art is very similar to those real life.
    • Batavia plantation is based on the Bogor Botanical Garden, in a town in West Java.
    • Mount Merapi is based on the mountain with the same name in Yogyakarta.
    • Tida Apa Apa Chocolates is based on the Museum Fatahillah in Old Jakarta.
    • The structure in between Batavia Plantation and Mount Merapi resembles the Hindu temple Pura Besakih.
  • Besides of Sulawesi and Bali, Jakarta is one of Indonesian location in all game