Felix Baumeister
Felix baumeister 3
Gender Male
First Appearance Chocolatier
Last Appearance Chocolatier: Decadence by Design
Parents Heironymus Baumeister
Sibling(s) Rowena Baumeister
Evangeline Baumeister
Dieter Baumeister
Spouse(s) Shani Naipaul
Grandparents Marten Baumeister
Aunts and Uncles Marten Baumeister Jr.
Nieces and Nephews Chas Baumeister
Whitney Baumeister
Teddy Baumeister
Joseph Tangye

Felix Baumeister is youngest brother of Evangeline Baumeister.


Felix Baumeister is located in Queen's Park Savannah in Trinidad. His first quest for the player is to bring him twelve Chocolate Bars w/ Trinidad Lemons.

Chocolatier 2 : Secret IngredientsEdit

Felix relocated to Casablanca. He is now an owner of a chocolates shoppe, the Maghreb Chocolates.

Chocolatier : Decadence by DesignEdit

Felix is factory manager in Cape Town Manucfrating LTD, Cape Town. The factory specializes in making coffees.