Evangeline Baumeister
Evangeline baumeister 3
Gender Female
First Appearance Chocolatier
Last Appearance Chocolatier: Decadence by Design
Parents Heironymus Baumeister
Sibling(s) Rowena Baumeister
Deiter Baumeister
Felix Baumeister
Spouse(s) Jarrah Tangye
Children Joseph Tangye
Grandchildren Alex Fletcher
Grandparents Marten Baumeister
Aunts and Uncles Marten Baumeister Jr.
Nieces and Nephews Chas Baumeister
Whitney Baumeister
Teddy Baumeister

Evangeline Baumeister is a major character in the Chocolatier series. She is a character of interest and the player's guide in the first game. Her role becomes smaller in the next two games, but there are still a number of references to her as she still give and receive from quests.

Later, she marries Jarrah Tangye and had a son, Joseph Tangye. She also has a granddaughter, Alexandra Tangye , who is the player's guide in the next two games.


Chocolatier Evangeline Baumeister is the player's guide in Chocolatier. She can be found in The Cliff Chalet, in San Francisco.

She gives the player a series of quests, locations of recipes and important characters. She was once in love with Jarah Tangye, who is located in Hong Kong, but Estabon Grimaldo got in the way of their relationship and separated them, but later in the game, the player reunites the two with their love of chocolate.

Chocolatier 2: Secret IngredientsEdit

Evangeline moves to Cayenne with her husband, Jarrah Tangye, and her nephew, Chas Baumeister. She can occasionally be found in Hotel Central, where she receives and gives certain quests to the player.

She is now one of the board member of the Baumeister Confections.

Chocolatier 3: Decadence by DesignEdit

Evangeline returns to San Francisco and is now found in the Baumeister Confections H.Q. building. She is still one of the board members of the corporation.

She is also still a key character in the story as she gives the player their first truffle recipes, plus several more.

Evangeline is also the one who receives the chocolates or coffee products in the last quests, The Highest Honors Parts 1 and 2.


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