Douala 3

Doula is the 2nd port in Decadence by Design game. It is the first place to get cacao beans

Decadence By DesignEdit

Verena Zubrigen sent player here to buy cacao beans. It has few buildings:

Eko MarketEdit

Tomge Ndongo works here. She sells cacao beans, sugars, almonds, hazelnuts, mints, mangoes, vanillas, cinnamons, anise, currants,truffle powders, cardammon pods, cayenne peppers, ginger, peanuts and cashews.

Capital SweetsEdit

Henni Makonque buys chocolate from the player. It is the last retail shop player required.

Ndanwara PlantationEdit

Guy Entana plant doualan cacao, the first local cacao, here and inform player that doualan cacao will be available in December.

Bananjo HotelEdit

Player can interect with many players there.

Patissere AmberEdit

Player also can interect with many characters here.

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