Cacao Beans("Cacao" in the third game) are one of the most important ingredients in ''Chocolatier'', ''Secret Ingredients'', and ''Decadence by Design''. As a key ingredient in chocolates, most of basic recipes require Cacao Beans. More expensive recipes, however, may require specialty cacaos that are available in specific regions. Cacao Beans have a low-to-medium price range in all three games.

Price RangeEdit

Chocolatier: $5-$20

Secret Ingredients: $45-$150

Decadence by Design: $7-$70

Available PortsEdit

Cacao Beans are only found in ports near the equator.

Chocolatier: Merida, Trinidad, Quito, Accra, Mahajanga, Colombo, Sulawesi.

Secret Ingredients: San Jose, Cayenne, Abidjan, Mahajanga, Manila, Jakarta.

Decadence by Design: Douala, Kona, Havana, Bali, Bogota, Lima.