Buenos Aires
Appears In 2
Buenos Aires is a port in Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients. This port also houses the game's Chocolate Tasting Laboratory.

Secret IngredientsEdit

Buenos Aires is an important port from the start as it contains the game's laboratory. In the market, they also sell Lemons and Oranges, two ingredients where Buenos Aires is the only source for the player until he or she reaches Cairo (Lemons) and Bombay (Oranges).

  • Teatro Colon - A theatre where the player can meet various characters. Some may even have a quest for the player. Ernesto Agote can occasionally be found at this location.
  • Abasto Market - The local market in Buenos Aires. The player meets with Veronica Garcia and can buy her wares.
  • Chocolate Tasting Laboratory - The laboratory where tha player makes all the recipes that will fill up his or her incomplete recipe book. Teddy Baumeister runs the facility for the player.
  • Avenida Mayo - Another location in the port where the player can meet various characters. Antonio Batista can occasionally be found at this location.
  • Obelisco - This location only appears after somewhile in the game. The player can meet various character here too. Karina Osorio can be found at this location.
  • Julio's Chocolate - The local chocolate shoppe here in Buenos Aires. It is run by Julio Solidad.

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