Basic Chocolate Bars are confections that can be made in the games Chocolatier and Decadence by Design.

In both games, they are the first confections the player has to make if he/she took the tutorial. Its recipe is also the first (among others) the player can obtain.



  • Sugar
  • Cacao Beans

Decadence by Design:

  • Sugar
  • Cacao



The recipe for this confection is the first the player will obtain. It is given by Evangeline Baumeister at the very start of the game or while she is explaining how the game works.

Description: Simple chocolate bars that are simply delicious.

Decadence by DesignEdit

Basic Chocolate Bars

The recipes for all the bars are available at the very start of the game.

Description: Straightforward, simple, timeless bars of pure cacao and sugar.

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