Alexandra Fletcher
Alex fletcher 3
Gender Female
First Appearance Secret Ingredients
Last Appearance Decadence by Design
Parents Joseph Tangye and
Elena Tangye
Sibling(s) Zachariah Tangye
Loudon Tangye
Spouse(s) Sean Fletcher
"For most people, World War II is finally over. Not for me. Until my husband Sean is accounted for, the war rages on."
— Alexandra Tangye during the tutorial in the third game.

Alex Fletcher is a character in the Chocolatier series. She first appears in the second game, Secret Ingredients. She is the daughter of Joseph and Elena Tangye.


Secret Ingredients Edit

Alex (introduced as Alexandra Tangye) is the player's guide for the game. She reaches to the player to help her save the confection empire.

Decadence by Design Edit

Alex married Sean before the start of the third game. Now she is introduced as Alex Fletcher.

In the third game, she is now the head of the Baumeister Confections, but has to leave to find her missing husband, Sean Fletcher.

She entrusts the business to the player while she searches for Sean. Along the way, she helps the player with various leads on expanding the business and also asks for quests to be accomplished from time to time.

Gallery Edit