Aces McGuire
Gender Male
First Appearance Chocolatier
Last Appearance Chocolatier
Children Junior McGuire

Aces McGuire is a character introduced in Chocolatier. He is a gambler that travels all the world and gives the player a chance of gamble with him in a game of dices. He doesn't make any other appearances in the Chocolatier series, but his son Junior McGuire is present in Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients.

Chocolatier Edit

Although most part of the gamblers are considered cheaters in other areas of their lifes (like Katherine Carpo, Tristan Moreno, etc.), Aces never had the player's confidence lost. He just likes to play, like his son, and he is fair with the result of the dices, becoming not so hard earn a profit with his games.

Gallery Edit